Opus Plasma™

Opus Plasma™

A on-of-a-kind skin renewal treatment using Franctional Plasma™ technology with Opus Plasma™.


Skin resurfacing, most commonly using a laser, is the most dramatic nonsurgical procedure to repair and renew the skin to address a wide range of skin concerns. Fractional-based skin resurfacing is the modern skin resurfacing method that involves creating a pattern of microscopic injuries to a fraction of the skin. This stimulates a natural wound healing response exciting the skin to repair itself. The type of injury can vary depending on the type of fractional-based skin resurfacing technology used.


Opus Plasma builds upon the popular and widely accepted science of fractional skin resurfacing and advances this field forward with an option that improves the patient experience using a novel, new energy source — Plasma. With Opus Plasma you can enjoy fractional skin resurfacing results with much less downtime.


Opus Plasma is a quick, 15-minute outpatient treatment usually performed following application of a topical anesthetic. During your consultation your practitioner will assess your skin to personalize the best treatment plan for you. While you’ll begin to enjoy noticeable improvements following your first treatment, 2 to 3 treatments may be recommended for optimal results.

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Before and after result
Before and after result
Before and after result


What Is Opus Plasma?

Opus Plasma is an advanced aesthetic treatment that utilizes plasma technology. It combines radiofrequency energy with plasma-generated gas to deliver precise and controlled thermal energy to the skin. Opus Plasma in Modesto, CA, can effectively address various skin concerns, including wrinkles and acne scars, and promote skin rejuvenation and tightening.

Is Opus Plasma Painful?

Our dentists at 123 iSmile use topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort during the Opus Plasma treatment. During the procedure, you may experience a warm or tingling sensation, and some areas may be more sensitive. The treatment is generally well-tolerated, and any discomfort is temporary.

How Long Does Opus Plasma Last?

The duration of results from Opus Plasma treatment at our dental clinic can vary depending on individual factors, such as skin condition, age, and lifestyle. You can expect improvements to last several months to a year. Our dentist may recommend maintenance treatments to prolong the effects.