Endodontics in Modesto, CA

While general dentistry involves exams, cleanings, extractions, sealants, fluoride treatments, fillings and crowns, and so on, endodontics deals with problems associated with tooth roots.

What Does Endodontic Treatment Involve?

Timely endodontic treatment in Modesto, CA, has the potential to preserve severely damaged or decayed teeth. Although 123 iSmile offers many restorations to restore gapped smiles, it’s always best to retain your natural dentition for as long as possible.

Endodontic treatment can help patients who suffer from pulp inflammation or infection caused due to chips, cracks, or deep decay. The process involves cleaning and removing the infected material and sealing the tooth with a crown or filling. The tooth can last for a lifetime with proper care.

Regular dental exams and cleanings can reduce the chances of inflammation or infection penetrating the soft portions of the tooth.

Advantages of Endodontics near You

One of the biggest benefits of endodontics is that patients can continue to retain their natural smiles for many years to come. It’s the ideal treatment for pulpitis, severe root canal infections, tooth root damage, and abscesses. Our highly trained dentists in Modesto, CA, are trained to diagnose and treat inflammation in the complex system of tooth nerves and blood vessels.

In addition to enjoying a natural smile, you can also look forward to improved chewing functionalities and eat your favorite foods without discomfort or pain.

Who Needs Endodontics?

Root canal therapy is a common example of endodontic treatment. At times, the infection may be too severe for a simple root canal treatment. In this case, our skilled dentists at 123 iSmile will clean, disinfect, fill and seal the tooth roots against further decay. Oral bacteria can enter the soft portions of the tooth through chips, cracks, or fissures. Patients who experience throbbing, persistent or severe oral pain should make it a point to call our dentists for immediate assistance.

Untreated infection in the tooth roots or pulp may lead to a dental emergency that requires urgent care or surgery in advanced cases. If unexplained sensitivity, pain, or discomfort is causing you distress, please contact our dental office to schedule an appointment.


How To Know If You Need A Root Canal Or Will A Filling Be Sufficient?

A filling is usually sufficient if the decay has only affected the outer layer of your tooth. However, if the decay has reached the inner pulp, causing infection or severe pain, a root canal treatment near you is necessary to save the tooth.

How Long Will Antibiotics Delay A Root Canal?

At 123 iSmile, our top dentist prescribed antibiotics for a few days to a week to control the infection and reduce the pain before performing a root canal in Modesto, CA.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Our dentist in your area administers local anesthesia to numb the area, ensuring you won't feel pain during endodontics in Modesto. While you may feel discomfort or sensitivity afterward, the root canal procedure is painless.

What is Better, Root Canal Or A Filling?

If the decay only affects the outer layer, a filling is sufficient. If the inner pulp is infected or damaged, a root canal at 123 iSmile is necessary to save the tooth.

How To Stop Throbbing Pain After Root Canal?

You can stop the throbbing pain after an endodontic procedure at our clinic by taking over-the-counter pain medications as our dentist prescribes, applying a cold compress, and maintaining good oral hygiene.

What To Eat After Root Canal?

Our dentist recommends eating soft and non-irritating foods to avoid discomfort after root canal treatment at 123 iSmile. Some suitable options include mashed potatoes, yogurt, soup, smoothies, scrambled eggs, pasta, soft fruits, and cooked vegetables.

Can You Eat After Getting A Root Canal Before Getting A Crown?

You should avoid eating on the treated tooth before it is covered with a permanent crown. The temporary filling or crown placed after the root canal is not as strong as the final restoration, and eating on it can cause damage or dislodgement.