How to Pick the Best Dentist for Your Child

February 15, 2022

Is it time for you to take your kid for their first appointment with our dentist in Modesto, CA? If it is, you will need to be well-equipped to know what you need to do and which dentist you should visit.

As a new parent, ensure that you seek pediatric dentistry in Modesto, CA, before your kid’s first birthday. If you don’t, you might find that they are already six years and their baby teeth are already falling out.

One of the challenging things for most first-time parents is finding the right dentist in Modesto, CA, who will care for their baby’s teeth. This is why our dentist near you has prepared some nuggets of wisdom that can help you.

  • How to Choose a Dentist

As a parent, you are always looking for the best possible care to help your little one grow and develop. Getting the right dentist is a major step in providing the dental care that your child needs. So, if you are looking for a good dentist, check out these tips:

  • Talk to Other Parents

One of the initial steps you can take would be to talk to other parents. It helps sift through the numerous dentists that are there. Other parents will give you testimonials that can help you gauge whether you want to go the same route or not.
You can also head online and check out the reviews from other parents that will help you learn about the dentist.

  • Confirm the Dentist’s Credentials

Once you have a shortlist of dentists, visit each one and while you are there, check the credentials. You may need to narrow it down to one with the credentials or training you can depend on. Check out the school they went to and the level of training.

  • Look For Years of Experience

A good education is one thing; experience makes a huge difference. How long has the dentist worked in that specific area? Everyone gets better by doing something over some time.

  • Are They Good With Kids?

Treating children is quite challenging. Behavior management from infancy to adolescents is critical since this will ensure that the kids trust and enjoy getting treatment.

What’s the Best Way to Make My Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist?

A trip to see the dentist can be nerve-wracking even for some adults. So, it should come as a shock that your kid may feel a bit queasy when they think of our dentist’s chair. This makes most parents avoid booking dental appointments for their little ones since the struggle can be a bit too overwhelming at times.

If you are nervous about how your kid would act during their dental appointment, you may need to equip yourself with the correct information and the right mindset.

Once you are at our office, ensure that your kid has something to play with or work on while they wait. It’s always an excellent idea to bring their favorite toy or video game or even homework to keep them distracted. Before they know it, it would be their turn.

While in the office, ensure that you keep a cool, quiet demeanor and be close to them. If you do your best and stay calm, it is more likely that your child will follow suit. Also, stay close to your child, walk around with them if they are nervous, and remember to reassure them through touch.

When your child is in the office, let the dentist do all the explaining since our dentist is trained to deal with kids. Allow our dentist to explain what the visit will entail when your kid is in the chair.

Remember to reward good behavior during and after the appointment. This will help you during the subsequent visits.

How Should You Prepare Your Child for the Visit?

Even before you get to our office, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that your child gets enough rest the previous night. A sleepy child will always be cranky, and you would have a mammoth of a task trying to calm them down. So, ensure that they have slept well.

Remember to carry their comfort items and favorite toys, be it a stuffed animal or blanket. Having that item would be a life-saver when you are in those moments, and they need to calm down.

Ensure that they have eaten some food before the visit since they will be more irritable when they are hungry than when they have eaten.

You can also try to explain the importance of visiting our dentist and what it will entail. But avoid words like pain, needles, or hurt. Try role-playing beforehand to help them alleviate stress and fears.

Your child’s oral health is equally as important as their overall health. Contact our dentist near you at 123 iSmile to schedule an appointment.

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