Dentist Near West Modesto, CA, USA

Dental Office Near West Modesto

At 123 iSmile, we have perfected the skill of providing dental procedures in our comfortable and relaxed environment. Our dentist near West Modesto is steadfast in offering quality dental care. Our experienced dentist can deliver dental care that elevates oral health along with sedation dentistry. Our services include:

Restorative dentistry – After an oral disease attacks, visit us to address it. We provide treatments like crowns, implants, extractions, root canals, and fillings.

Preventive care – We dedicate our services to helping our patients to keep healthy smiles and bites. We educate them on issues concerning early dental care habits, proper brushing, flossing, or even why they can’t afford to skip routine cleanings and exams. We additionally provide fissure sealants, mouthguards, and fluoride treatments.

Cosmetic care – Our dentist near West Modesto can introduce your desired Hollywood smile. We do teeth whitening to ward off stains. We also do veneers for small dental imperfections like chips or tooth unevenness.

Emergency care could be needed for a knocked-out tooth, a painful abscess, or a grave toothache; we are here to provide urgent care when needed.

Visit 123 iSmile – the top-rated dental clinic in Modesto, CA, to discover what services we provide!


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