Dentist Near Salida, CA

Your General And Cosmetic Dentist Near Salida

Dental problems can arise anytime, even in families and people who practice stringent oral hygiene. We are determined to stop dental problems from occurring in the first place. We have realized that families can save much on oral healthcare expenses when observing preventive care.

At 123 iSmile, we help our patients learn about the significance of routine checks, cleanings, and adequate at-home oral care. Our dental services near Salida entail the following:

Restorative dentistry – Whatever dental issues you face, contact our dentist near you for timely exams, precise diagnosis, and effective treatment. We place tooth implants, tooth fillings, crowns, and dentures. We also ward off pulp infection and damage with root canal treatment. Our dentist in your area does extraction whenever teeth are severely damaged.

Preventive care – Our dental specialist near Salida does exams to inspect the mouth and help catch oral concerns in time. We do scheduled mouth cleanings to chafe off tartar and eradicate biofilm. On top of that, we do sealants and even fluoride treatment.

Emergency care – Call our emergency dentist for urgent treatment of tooth abscesses, severe toothaches, soft tissue injuries, and loose or smashed-out teeth.

Contact us at 123 iSmile – the top-rated dental office in Modesto, if you need exams, cleanings, or dental treatments!


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