Dentist Near Rouse, CA, USA

A Patient-Oriented Dentist Near Rouse

At 123 iSmile, we are proud to have a dental team you can entrust when it comes to receiving your dental care. Our dentist near Rouse, CA, delivers personalized oral care based on your oral conditions. We perform multiple procedures, including:

Oral Disease Prevention Care

Our dentist in Modesto embraces patient education. It helps keep the patients abreast with their at-home dental hygiene. Furthermore, we provide prophylaxis cleanings and exams to scrape off tartar and biofilm. Our dental sealants cover the enamel from acid erosion.

Restorative Care and Dental Repairs

Addressing cavities, gum inflammation, decay, or pulp infection prevents additional harm. We provide dental repair treatments like fillings, bonding, crowns, and root canals. We do tooth implants to reclaim lost bite function and smile aesthetics.

Periodontal Care in Your Area

We are specialists in periodontal disease treatment. We do gum pocket cleanings or deep cleaning to eliminate biofilm and tartar and irrigate the pockets with antimicrobials.

Cosmetic Dentistry Near Rouse

Brightening your teeth using our in-office treatment spruces up your smile. We can also provide veneers for stubborn stains and other small flaws like fractures, chipping, and uneven teeth shape or size.

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