Dentist Near Empire, CA, USA

Top-Rated Dental Clinic Near Empire

Receiving proper dental care at our dental clinic near you gives you brighter, stronger, healthy, and more functional smiles and bites. At 123 iSmile, we pride ourselves on having modern equipment and trained dentists near Empire, CA, for optimal dental healthcare experience. We do procedures such as:

Tooth fillings –We have porcelain and composite resins that resemble real teeth, giving you a realistic, natural appearance.

Dental implants – We insert titanium implant posts within the jaw, and after osseointegration, we fit the abutment and dental crown to finish the procedure.

Exams & cleanings are critical in providing a line of defense regarding oral health conditions and disease.

Root canals – An infected or injured tooth root can be cleaned and sealed through root canal therapy, helping save it from additional harm.

Gum disease treatment – We do enamel scaling and root planing to flush out biofilm and alleviate gum disease. We also do gum lifts for recessed gums.

Extractions – Though we don’t resort to extractions immediately, we do them whenever necessary. We aim first to save a tooth.

Clear Aligner Therapy – We are specialists in ClearCorrect Aligner treatment.

Visit 123 iSmile in Modesto, CA, for comprehensive dental care with our friendly dentist near Empire!