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When you take your oral health seriously, you help encourage good general health. At 123 iSmile, we have dedicated our efforts to offering quality, personalized, and comprehensive dental care near Ceres. We have the necessary dental tools, equipment, and techniques to deliver efficient, reliable, and precise dental diagnoses and treatments. We provide dental services like:

Protective and diagnostic care – We are always up to inspecting your mouth thoroughly because we know that oral disease can sneak in silently. We do comprehensive exams and checks, looking for signs of enamel erosion, gum infection, cavities, and oral cancer. Additionally, we paint tooth sealants for extra protection.

Restorative care – Any oral disease you develop should be controlled without delay. We place tooth-colored fillings, crowns, extractions, implants, and dentures or bridges.

Cosmetic – Our dentist near Ceres, CA, lightens your teeth’s shade with an in-office whitening treatment. We can also offer take-home teeth whitening kits with custom trays and whitening gel.

Endodontics – We can salvage decayed, infected, inflamed, or damaged teeth with root canal treatment.

Emergency care – Visit our dentist near you once a dental emergency like tooth abscesses, toothaches, or knocked-out teeth arises.

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