Dentist Near Bret Harte, CA, USA

Top-Rated Dental Clinic Near Bret Harte

Dental issues arise from inconsistent oral hygiene practices, a bad diet like sugary items, and failure to see our dentist near Bret Harte for timely, routine checks and exams. At 123 iSmile, we emphasize dental disease prevention through preventive care and dental education. It helps do away with the frequent visits to our dental clinic near you for repair and restorative procedures or even invasive treatments like extraction and dental implants.

Our dentist does restorative treatments when you develop oral disease or conditions. We treat cavitated teeth with white-colored fillings. Furthermore, we tackle your periodontal disease with deep cleaning, prevention, and even gum reconstruction after gum recession.

We provide dental crowns for patients with weakened teeth, heavy discolorations, or those needing dental implants. Our cosmetic dentistry near Bret Harte, CA, brings a brighter smile with veneers or in-office whitening treatments. We also address dental emergencies near Bret Harte, such as smashed-out teeth, cut cheeks or lips, toothaches, and abscesses or pus-filled pockets developing tooth roots.

Our dentist does extractions if we still need a less invasive treatment for damaged, decayed, or cavitied teeth. Contact our caring dentist near you at 123 iSmile in Modesto for your family’s dental care needs!